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Fresh selections are packaged and ready to be delivered for your occasion. 
We can customize any menu. Please call 610.544.1755 for menu consultation and pricing.

Due to increasing food prices, please contact us for current prices on all menus.

Additional cost for Delivery AND Setup.


10-15 Boxed Lunches

$15.95 Per Person

16-20 Boxed Lunches

$14.95 Per Person

21 and up Boxed Lunches

$13.95 Per Person

Lunch Menu


  • Luscious Chicken or
     Tuna Salad: 

    A bed of crisp greens, 
    garnished with fresh 
    vegetables or seedless grapes (also available as a sandwich)


  • Chef Salad Deluxe: 
    Julienne of ham, turkey and 
    cheeses on a bed of assorted greens, with olives, carrots, tomato, mushrooms and hard-boiled eggs with dressing


  • California Cobb Salad: 
    A colorful line of delicious 
    poached chicken, diced olives,tomato, sliced mushrooms, 
    shredded cheese, served on abed of mixed greens with dressing


  • Our Classic Hoagie: 
    Ham, capicola, Italian salami, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion served on a fresh Italian roll

  • Honey Ham or Breast of 
    Turkey and Swiss Cheese:

    Marble rye with mustard and mayo on the side

  • Garlic and Herb Marinated Chicken Breast: 
    Served on a fresh Kaiser roll with lettuce and tomato 

  • Turkey Club: 
    Turkey breast piled high with lettuce, tomato and bacon on marble rye and mayo on the side

All lunches include a side of our Homemade Pasta Salad (or Potato Chips), freshly baked Cookie, Fresh Whole Fruit, Utensils, Mint, Wet Nap and a Selection of Regular/Diet Soda, Iced Tea and Bottled Water.

We can customize any menu. Please call 610.544.1755 for menu consultation and pricing. Additional cost for Delivery, AND Setup.
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